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Your well-being is our top priority. That is why we guarantee that your tele-consult will run smoothly - from the appointment to the prescription. Be a part of the next big thing in healthcare. Join us in our journey of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing technology to help millions lead healthier lives.

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Growing technology has made things very efficient promising medical assistance on one click. You can get in touch with brilliant doctors online through MediFlam. Mediflam offers services where you can check your symptoms and upon appointment you can communicate with doctor for your medical issues through audio or video calls. To find right doctor, choose specialist through symptoms checker, book an appointment and proceed for online consultation.

Dr. Rajan Sanatbhai Joshi

MD Gynaecology, MBBS
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1100 onwards

Dr. Vinita S. Bhagia

  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1000 onwards

Dr. Dhiren Dahyalal Joshi

MD – Internal Medicine
General Physician,COVID-19 Specialist
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 900 onwards

Dr. Uday Virji Ganatra

Family Physician
  • India, Bhuj
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 200 onwards

Dr. Tushar Hasmukhlal Maniar

MBBS, MD-Pediatric, DCH
  • India, Mumbai
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1000 onwards

Dr. Vivek Vedprakash Arya

MBBS, MD - Gen. Medician, DM - Endocrinology
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1600 onwards

Dr. Ranjan C. Raval

MBBS, DVD–Dermatology, MD–Dermatology and Venereology
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1000 onwards

Dr. Gopal Omprakash Bhatia

MBBS, MD - Psychiatric
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 1000 onwards

Dr. Ankurben Kotadiya

BAMS, MD Ayurved
  • India, Ahmedabad
  • Available on Thu , 21 Jan
  • ₹ 300 onwards


We have made your care easy for you

What is online doctor consultation?

Online doctor consultation is a source to keep in touch with patients and to guide them for required treatments. It can be done virtually as well. It is one of the most convenient ways to connect with doctors using apps and telemedicine platforms through internet.

Are online Consultation Doctors qualified?

MediFlam follows a strict verification process for all the doctors serving online medical consultation on our platform. Our experienced team verifies important documents, registrations and certifications of each doctor.

Is online consultation safe with MediFlam?

Yes, online consultation is safe with MediFlam. We do care about our patient’s privacy and so we assure to maintain security of all our customer data. All your medical history and online consultation with MediFlam will be absolutely safe and confidential with us.

Can I speak to a doctor online?

MediFlam offers numerous modes of communication to connect with doctors through online medical consultation. Initially you can chat with the doctor to explain the symptoms and issues you are facing. To consult further you get opt for audio call or video call, to get detailed guidance about the required treatment.

Is online consultation chargeable on Mediflam?

Online doctor consultation is chargeable and the cost may vary based on the specialist you are trying to consult. 

Can I get a virtual doctor consultation?

Yes, you can communicate with doctors through virtual calls on MediFlam’s website for online medical consultation.

Can I get a prescription online?

Yes, doctors can prescribe medicines online on the basis of the online consultation through audio or video call.

How do I start online consultation with doctors on MediFlam?

Initiating an online doctor consultation is very easy on MediFlam. You just need to follow these 4 steps :

  • Find your doctor – Depending on your symptoms and location to consult online for your queries.
  • Book an appointment – You can book a virtual appointment to nearby, in-network and verified doctor on your fingertips.
  • Upload records – Upload past medical records to help your doctor understand your symptoms in the past.
  • Consult online – Communicate with the requested doctor through a video call or a phone call to consult for problems and get the required treatment.

Mediflam Healthcare Discovery Platform
Mediflam is a healthcare discovery platform, helping patients to get in touch with well-known medical experts and hospitals along with wellness options. Our platform helps patients to figure out health care options suitable to them for the best results and services. We carefully filter hospitals and doctors which are available on our website and also assure the best of services be it related to any specific treatment, online doctor consultation, or just basic medical information.

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