Consult Your Gynaecologist Online: For Safety of You and Your Little Angel During COVID-19 Pandemic!

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, our preferences and way of living have changed to an extent. Everything is now going digital, be it buying groceries or veggies, or the management of the schools and colleges. And, even the health care sector has experienced the same change, where more patients have shifted their preferences to telehealth apps mainly. It is very important to take care during the pandemic of your mental and physical health for all of us.

With a survey done, it was noticed that more than 70% of women have searched for online Gynaecologist consultation since this pandemic. When studied in more detail, the women falling in the 21-30 age group have taken major appointments with the gynaecologists followed by 31-40 and women above 60 age group. Major queries of women are from the tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi NCR.

Now the question is why does a woman need to see a gynaecologist? The pandemic has increased the stress and depression levels of many of us, which has led to many other illnesses and health problems. The telehealth sites dealt with problems like menopause issues, irregular periods ,tips/ precautions to be taken during pregnancy and how can an unexpected pregnancy be a safe one, and so on.

What can one expect in an Online Video Consultation with the Gynaecologist?

Online Video Consultation helps women to reach the specialists whenever they need medical assistance with maintaining social distancing. Once you decide to show, search for the topmost doctors and the best part is your search option not limited to the best gynaecologists near me!

You can just book an online appointment with a Gynecologist and share your medical statements or reports if any with your doctor.

This process will help the doctor to understand your case before attending to you and hence give his/her best time during the appointment. And, just do homework of noting all the symptoms you are facing a day before the meet.

The main focus of the appointment is on the problem faced by the woman. The doctor understands the problems, analyses it carefully and then suggests medications and tests.

Common gynaecologist issues that can be solved with online consultations include:

  • Issues with menopause and periods;
  • Vaginal itching or dryness;
  • Pregnancy issues;
  • Pain while having sex;
  • Urinary Infection;
  • PCOD & PCOS;
  • STDs & STIs;
  • Questions relating to contraceptive and birth control pills;
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Abortion and miscarriage;

Questions to Ask During Online Gynaecologist Consultation

Itchiness in the vagina? Bad Odour down there? White discharge? These are the gynaecologist questions which many women google often because they feel quite odd to ask their gynaecologists. But ladies you don’t need to feel uncomfortable at all, as these types of questions are not new for the doctor. It’s the doctor’s job to hear about your problems and give the best treatment for the same.

If it’s your first visit to the gynaecologists or if a mother is planning for her daughter’s visit, then firstly completely ease yourself. We have prepared an overview for your initial visit with the doctor, which will be helpful and assuring. Check some of the below questions to ask gynaecologist on the first visit-

  • My periods are going on; so should I visit my gynaecologists now or wait for periods to end?
  • Is waxing or shaving needed before the visit?
  • Is vaginal discharge a normal thing?
  • Is itching down there a serious issue? What can be done to control it?
  • Questions relating to sexual discomfort
  • How to do the self-breast exam?

These are some questions you can easily ask your doctor, which will also help to develop a comfort zone with your specialist.

Online Gynaecologist Consultation During COVID-19

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have shifted our approach towards many things. Today, we all prefer to consult a doctor online for any of our smallest health issues instead of taking medicines on our own or so. With a survey practiced, women have started using telemedicine in a larger sense, mainly to solve several gynaecologists issues they faced during the pandemic.

Gynaecologists were the most searched specialists, e.g., women used certain web tools like free online chat with Gynaecologists or taking appointments online as per their schedule or so, to solve their problems. The top queries discussed are the complications with pregnancy during COVID-19, period issues, miscarriages, hormonal issues, birth control pills, or ways. If the problems are very basic, an online chat with a Gynaecologists will be sufficient.

It is very important to have a successful first online consultation with your gynaecologists. This will help in easing your follow-ups. The doctor needs to understand your problem and important for the patient to be transparent with the doctor.  And, the doctor will ensure you to be healthier again with the passing time.

Benefits of doing an Online Gynaecologist Consultation

With a lockdown in the whole nation, telemedicine started to boom in our country. The highest females started to opt for online gynaecologist consultation as it seemed to be quite a safe option. It is always advisable to consult your doctor for any health issues.

There are several benefits of consulting a gynaecologist online listed below:

  • No long waiting hours:

This is one of the biggest advantages of online consultation. You don’t have to call and make an appointment, and then wait for the doctor to come to the clinic or wait for the doctor to complete his on-going appointment. You just have to pick up your mobile, visit Mediflam’s website, search for the top gynaecologist, fill in all the necessary details and fix an appointment.

  • Complete Privacy:

The online consultation with the gynaecologists is just between you and the doctor, so you can freely discuss some private topics with the doctor and be rest assured of the talks to be completely secure and valued.

  • Online Consultation:

You can have a video call appointment with your gynaecologists and take her advice face to face, which will surely give a feeling of personal involvement of the doctor.

  • Location is not a major factor:

With online consultation, you can contact the best gynaecologists of the town or the country without any bars.

  • Easier follow-ups:

It is very easy for a follow-up consultation with an online appointment. All the medical records are safely secured at a place, so the gynaecologists will study your reports before the appointment. And, even if you choose to go for some other gynaecologist for the next follow-up, he/she will also be well versed with your medical history. Isn’t this quite time-consuming?

  • Secured Medical Records:

It is very difficult to secure loose file papers of your medical history, and sometimes you might also lose the file. But this problem gets solved with online consultation, as all your medical records are secured and valued at a place, with offering utmost privacy.

Mediflam: Consult Top Gynaecologists

Mediflam is an online health check-up provider, an initiative taken by the Flamingo group of companies. With Mediflam you can reach some of the top gynaecologists with just a click.

So for any more details on online gynaecologist consultation, you can contact our health service provider or visit our website. We will be happy to serve you.

How to book an appointment with Mediflam’s Gynaecologist for Online Consultation?

  1. Visit our website – Mediflam, to consult the best gynaecologists.
  2. Go to the “gynaecology” category to search your top gynaecologists (we have male/female both listed);
  3. You have the option of audio call and video call both to select from, with different time slots, book the appointment as per your preference;
  4. And, then follow the steps for the checkout procedure;

Frequently Asked Questions About Gynaecologist

  1. When do I need to see a Gynaecologist?

The reasons to see a gynecologist can be any time when a woman faces problems relating to vulvar, pelvic, vaginal pain or discharge, and abnormal uterus bleeding. It is also recommended that once a woman becomes sexually active, she should at least visit a gynaecologist every 6 months.

Generally, because of certain gynaecology problems like menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause women choose to visit a gynaecologist. 

  1. Can I get an Online Gynaecologist appointment right away?

Yes, it is very easy to connect with a gynaecologist online. You can visit Mediflam Health Platform, check the gynaecologists listed, and book an appointment.

  1. What happens at a Gynaecologist consultation?

When you book an appointment with a gynaecologist, the consultation starts with a gynaecology exam. That is, the doctor will like to know your past medical history if any. He/she also would like to learn about your sexual activeness and history. This will help the doctor to get to a conclusion about your health and provide you the medication.

At the same time, patients also have several questions to ask a gynecologist on their first visit, such as why do I have painful periods, why do I have bad odour down there, why are my periods irregular, or so on.

  1. How many times should you see a Gynaecologist?

There is always a doubt in our minds regarding when to see a gynaecologist. It is advisable for women between 21-29 age groups at least once a year for a regular check-up and also visit in case of any uncertain issues. And, in case you are sexually active at an early age, it’s recommended to see gynaecologists every year.

  1. Is it OK to go to the Gynaecologist while on your period?

Many women feel awkward visiting the gynecologists when in periods. But, it’s not an issue at all and completely all right to book an appointment. And, many gynaecologists recommend visiting during periods, so that they can examine your vaginal blessing. So, it’s not at all an embarrassing feeling. 

  1. Should you shave before seeing a Gynaecologist?

Vaginal grooming is an individual’s choice. So, it’s not compulsory to wax or shave before a gynaecologist visits. The only concern is to keep it clean when you visit, so have a shower and wipe your vagina before the visit.

  1. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

It’s completely safe to have sex during pregnancy, and your baby won’t get harm. And, it is good as it will keep you and the baby healthy, help in maintaining blood pressure, and keep you happier. But if your doctor has advised a no, then you need to take care of the same.

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