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If you have been facing a new medical diagnosis or your physician has told you to undergo a surgery, then you might get suspicious or confused. This initial diagnosis can be frightening and can create uncertainty in one’s mind, especially when you need to choose between several treatment options.So to know whether you are making the right treatment choices, an accurate diagnosis is the most important step!

Getting a second medical opinion can help ensure that your medical condition gets properly diagnosed, so it can be thoroughly treated, if need be. It is highly recommended if the prognosis is poor or the treatment plans suggested in initial diagnosis has high risk factors.

In second medical opinion, a patient approaches the second doctor other than the current doctor. The Second doctor go’s through the patient’s medical reports and gives an opinion about his/her medical condition and the treatment one should undergo, based on the records given .

Nowadays, online technology has made second medical opinion widely possible by overcoming the geographic barriers. India is a leading Healthcare destination known for the best medical diagnosis and treatments. 

We at MediFlam – a Medical Tourism Company based in Gujarat, India helps you to make the right healthcare choices, providing professional Second medical opinion by connecting you to top-notch medical experts and hospitals along with Medical Tourism.So, when should you seek a Second Medical Opinion?

You should ask for a Second Medical Opinion, if;

  • Your diagnosis is not clear.
  • If it requires a fresher insight into your initial diagnosis
  • If you are diagnosed with a rare or life-threatening disease.
  • If the recommended treatment involves surgery, has high-risk factors, or shows a poor prognosis.
  • If you have already finished the treatment but your symptoms still persist.
  • If you are diagnosed with cancer.
  • If you are feeling anxious or your gut feeling tells you to double confirm.

Second medical opinion is not just for life threatening disease like cancer, neurological or cardiac problems but also for all such medical conditions which can affect your quality of life.

At times, the opinion provided by second professional may confirm the same diagnosis, but still taking second opinion can still be beneficial, as it can ensure that you have the correct diagnosis and treatment plans. Through second opinion, additional treatment options can be offered which the first doctor may not have mentioned. Getting additional information about the diagnosis and treatment can provide you reassurance and confidence in taking best decisions for your health.

How to get a Second Opinion?

MediFlam is an online platform where we help you to get better and detailed analysis for your medical condition. It’s very easy and convenient way to get second opinion from us.

Log on to and press the second opinion tab. You need to fill the required details in the form. To assist you in a better way, you will be required to upload all your medical reports. MediFlam’s expert panel will go through all the details and reports and will provide you a list of specialist doctors.

Apart from Second opinion, MediFlam also caters Medical Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Health check up packages, and many more, as our mission is your health!

Thus, a second opinion can help you to protect yourself against misdiagnosis, prevents unwanted medical expenses, and empowers you with reassurance and confidence.


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