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Nowadays, I am very often hearing this word “Organic”. So I thought to go in-depth and understand what does the Organic Food actually means!!!

Every human being is super busy with lots of priorities but health is hardly a priority in that list. We often forget that our body needs a nutrient rich healthy diet to keep going…Most of the time, we crave for food that is non healthy, non organic, which in turn affects our body and lifestyle.

Organic food is a growing trend nowadays. Whenever, we go to a supermarket or browse online for the groceries or vegetables and fruits, we find a separate section mentioning the Organic food. At times, we feel why to pay more and buy these products. Whatever we are buying is also fresh and seems good for health. But actually, in long run, you will end up paying more for your health conditions by continuing with the same non healthy, non-organic food. So, switching to Organic lifestyle could lead you to a better physical and mental health. The more we prefer organic food, more it would encourage the farmers for organic farming, in turn a better planet to live in.

Would quickly say to this, “Welcome to the World of Organic Food”!

Organic products are those which are grown or made naturally. Let me show you the basic difference between an organic and non-organic food which will help you to make a conscious decision for yourself.  

Organic Food:

  • It is grown in a natural way without using chemicals or fertilizers. Natural fertilizers like manure and compost are used
  • Organic livestock are fed with natural food whereas the insects and pest are controlled naturally.

Non-Organic Food:

  • Synthetic and chemical fertilizers are used to grow non-organic food
  • Pesticides like insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides are used to kill insects. Weeds, etc
  • Livestock are raised indoors and so have lesser immunity. Also growth hormone injections and antibiotics are given which in a way can affect them as well as the products.

Apart from vegetables and fruits, eggs, meat, and dairy products are also part of Organic food. It helps in improving the environment and public health as well. Research shows that organic food is rich in nutrients, such as iron, vitamin C, magnesium, and phosphorus. It’s for a better reason; Organic food is little more expensive than non organic food

How to identify the Right Organic food?

You can check at the back of the food packet, where if the food is organically certified, there must be stamps like Indian Organic, USDA or Jaivik Bharat. This certifies that the food is purely organic. And if artificial food flavors or PFCs, etc is mentioned, that means it’s grown with chemicals which can cause trouble to the health in the long time.

Kavita Mukhi, is one of the known names who brought the organic movement in the country. India is at first position in terms of organic farmers and ranks ninth under organic farming.

You can grow your own Organic Food now!

Having a small terrace garden is something like everyone would love to…

Terrace gardening concept is getting popular nowadays. Growing organic food by ourselves gives immense happiness and a feeling that yes, we are going a healthy way. You can grow some green vegetables and fruits, especially some herbs. These organic foods can be rich in nutrients as it’s free from chemicals and grown naturally.

Organic Milk!

What makes it different than regular milk?

Questions arise in our mind when we hear the word Organic Milk…

Frankly, it’s just the milk, nothing different. But yes it’s produced from cow or livestock which is fed the organic fodder, raised as per organic farming ways. 

Earlier, when we used to buy milk, it was only one brand with only one type. Slowly we could see different brands with different fat levels. Nowadays, we hear about A1 and A2 milk in the market. Even farmers do deliver organic milk to our doorsteps. Research has shown that organic milk contains high consistency of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids compared to regular milk. A2 milk is good for digestion and healthier than regular milk. A2 protein has anti-cancer properties as well.

Awareness for Organic food is increasing day by day with more people adopting a healthy lifestyle. People feel the change in their health and well-being when they shift to organic food. There is a famous saying, “A small change can bring a big difference”.

I have made my switch…What are you waiting for?

Switch to Organic Food…Today!

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