Tips to Take Care at Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

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A person who has been infected with COVID-19 and has been asked to take care on his own at home should consult COVID -19 specialists online. The medical expert may examine sick persons and give them the medicine and tips for Covid 19 treatment and allow them to go to their home to take the essential treatment. The other case, which is the most common one, is when patients test positive, but they do not have any major symptoms or they may have very mild symptoms. They do not have any critical ailments like chronic lung disease or cardiovascular disease, and they are not too old. These persons can undergo covid-19 home treatment. However, they must necessarily, initially connect with their health care provider for real-time advice for tips on how to take care at home for the Covid patient:

  • Take proper rest.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Keep yourself warm.
  • Take ibuprofen, naproxen to reduce fever and relieve pains and aches.
  • Eat nutritious and healthy foods.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least twenty seconds after you blow your nose, sneeze, cough, use the bathroom, and preparing food or before eating.
  • An alcohol-based sanitizer can be used if no water and soap are handy.
  • It is a great idea to take the best nutrition during a stressful period. There is nothing better than healthy and tasty food that is homemade.

Tips Which Helps you to treat COVID-19 at Home

  • The first and most important thing is that the person looking after the patient should stay at another place or a different room. Some tips for covid-19 patients are as below:
  • Take or Use separate glasses, dishes, and eating utensils and not share these utensils with other family members. After use, wash properly with hot soapy water.
  • Cover sneezes and coughs with a tissue, throw the used tissue away, and then wash your hands right away. Make use of alcohol-based sanitizer or Wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 t0 30 seconds.
  • If you are treating a coronavirus patient at home, two necessary types of equipment are required – 1st is a pulse oximeter and another one is a thermometer. According to doctors, both need to be checked twice a day by the patient, and records are required to be followed.
  • Talking about tips for managing a good oxygen level at home and keeping lungs healthy, Only one person should be there who is the caregiver for that covid-19 patient, and that caregiver should not have any critical disease or any other problem.
  • The person or patient should wear a medical mask or an N95 mask. And when the caregiver leaves the Covid patient room, the caregiver is required to wash their hands properly.
  • When someone is taking care of covid-19 patients at home, it is most important to check the condition frequently. Ideally, we should check at least once a day for any symptoms and signs.

Consult COVID -19 Specialist online

If you have any symptoms of Covid – 19, the best way to consult the specialist online is via telehealth consultation (Phone Consult) or Virtual Consultation (Video Consultant).

The specialist doctor will consult with the patient and prescribe the medicine at home without going out and taking any risk of visiting crowded hospitals and clinics.

To help his patients, a medical expert is required to select the best telemedicine consultation technology that will help them depending on their medical condition. Different types of telemedicine consultation which your digital doctor or expert may choose are:

  • Audio Call
  • Video Consultation
  • Text messages

Wear a face mask regularly at home

  • If someone is Covid –19 positive in your family then everyone should wear a face mask at all times at home. People may not have any signs or any symptoms of illness or problem, but then too they can spread the coronavirus. Hence a patient without symptoms should also wear a mask or special corona virus mask.
  • You can wear a proper Face Mask, Corona virus Masks, N95 masks, disposable masks, cloth masks. 

Wash your hands regularly

Regular and proper hand hygiene is one of the best effective ways that can stop spreading infection in others.

It is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19, and its other appropriate behaviors like the routine practice of hand washing at frequent intervals is a must when caring for the sick or covid –19 patient or after using the toilet, before eating, while preparing food, after sneezing or coughing. Wash your hands frequently or use good alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

H2: Home Treatment for COVID-19 patients

If the patient’s symptoms are mild enough to recover at home, then you can treat covid-19 patients at home.

  • Proper rest can help to improve patient health – It can make a patient feel good and can improve his recovery.
  • Do not go to work, public places, or school. Stay at home.
  • Drink plenty of water. You lose more water when you are not feeling well. Dehydration can make symptoms worse, and it causes other health problems so drink water at regular intervals.
  • Check the condition frequently or Monitor. If covid patient symptoms get worse, call your doctor immediately. Do not go to his office without calling him. He might suggest you stay at home, or he may require you to take some extra precautions to protect staff and other patients.
  • Be positive
  • Check fever and oxygen levels frequently.

Get Vaccinated when your turn comes

Vaccination for Covid 19: The good COVID-19 vaccine is the one that is available at your nearest place. Go for the first available vaccine. Some brands are presently recommended and authorized for COVID-19. All vaccines are safe, are effective, and lessen your risk of serious illness.

Covid-19 vaccines: there are now various vaccines that are in use like Covaxin, Pfizer, Covishield, and AstraZeneca, etc.

Vaccination registration: You can log into the Co-WIN portal using the below link :

Register or SignIn for Vaccination

Proper Diet and Nutrition for COVID Patients

Few basic steps are recommended by the doctor for patients treating their illness at home:

  • One must drink plenty of water to stay hydrated 
  • Having nutrition-rich foods and a Healthy Diet for Boosting Immunity is very essential. Along with this, one of the great ways to take care of the ill elderly is to make sure that they get sufficient rest between meals.
  • Have an intake of a combination of various foods like whole grains such as wheat, rice, and maize, legumes like beans and lentils, take Vitamins like lemon juice, oranges, vegetables, and fruit, and some foods from animal sources like meat, fish, milk, and eggs.
  • Natural immunity supplements like gooseberries (amla), ginger, and turmeric are common superfood ingredients in Indian snacks and dishes.

Follow your Hobbies During Quarantine Period

Corona virus has affected over 180 nations around the world and most of the population has been placed under compulsory lockdown. During the quarantine period follow your hobbies with what you wish to do.

Hobbies develop your knowledge and help you increase new skills in new areas. When you spend more time doing your hobby, you will grasp new knowledge and your skills will become better and better.

Possessing hobbies will help you become more patient. Investing your time developing a new hobby means that you will have to grasp something new to yourself. 

  • Reading: reading is a good exercise for the mind and body. Reading can help you to discover new words in your vocabulary, grasp various cultures, and explore new ideas.
  • Writing: Writing is a good habit to increase your creativity and knowledge.
  • Yoga: Mainly Yoga is best for both your mental wellbeing and physical fitness. Yoga can help with flexibility and balance, strength, and just about anyone can get initiated.
  • Meditation:  meditation is the practice of being present and paying concentration to the current time. Meditation is about observing your feelings and thoughts without any opinion.
  • Listening to music: Definitely, you already listen to music regularly. Still, there is never a wrong time to start listening to new bands and artists whom you love. 
  • Coloring: Colouring is a hobby that is good for people of all age groups. It is a creative hobby that can let you express your feelings. 
  • Blogging: during the Covid period blogging is a good way of expressing your views. 
  • Learn a language: Learning a new language can improve your life in endless ways, and it does not have to be costly. Few good free online means vary from intro-level and beginner classes to conversational courses to exhaustive ones that will in no time make you well versed with the language.

  Sharpen Your Skills

Sharpening your skills during quarantine is the best utilization of time.

  • Take time to think about your skills and how you can sharpen your skills
  • Engage yourself in a massive open course online
  • Attend a renovation class
  • Take a virtual tour
  • When you are in self-isolation learn a new language 
  • Do yoga and exercise and get fit
  • Learn new skills
  • Take online dance classes
  • You can do creative writing or can take a creative writing class
  • Listen to podcasts

Mediflam: consult COVID -19 specialist online

You can take specialist medical care to the places it has never been and to the person who has never received this earlier. We are making medical consultations available to all citizens from their convenient place. Be it either home or office, and make doctors or experts available to every patient in the remotest area of India and the world. Mediflam is the right path to take to consult with specialist doctors online.

Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

If you have any symptoms of covid- 19, firstly self-isolate and stay at home even if you have mild symptoms like headache, mild fever, cough until you recover your health. Immediately call your health care provider or family doctor. If you have someone near you or need to leave your house wear a medical mask to avoid infecting other people.

Who is eligible for home care during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If anybody has a mild disease or mild symptoms, he can become eligible for home care if he is below 60 years, doesn’t smoke, and does not have other diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, cancer, and chronic kidney disease.

Is smoking dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Smoking and COVID-19 both are dangerous for health. Presently evidence advises that if anyone smokes the severity of COVID-19 disease is higher amongst these persons. Smoking affects lung function and its capacity, making it more difficult for the body to fight off respiratory disease because of the coronavirus.

Those who smoke have a higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus. If smokers get infected with coronavirus, they will face a big risk of getting a severe infection as their lungs are already weak.

How long should a COVID-19 patient be under home isolation? 

Generally home isolation period for covid positive is at least 10 to 14 days or there are no symptoms of covid – 19 after that he will stand discharged and end his isolation period. 

How to stay active during the COVID-19 quarantine? 

Be positive and exercise, and with yoga, you can follow an online exercise class also. Take benefit of online exercise classes. A lot of online classes are free and can be found on YouTube. If you don’t have experience performing these exercises, be aware of your limitations and conditions. There are lots of activities to do in isolation like reading, writing listen to music.

How long should I exercise during quarantine? 

The best way to fit and active is doing exercise during quarantine. Relaxation techniques and Physical activity can be beneficial for you to remain calm and help you protect your health during this covid- 19 times. Exercise depends on your capacity but WHO suggests 75 min of vigorous-intensity or 150 Min. of moderate-intensity physical activity every week, or a combination of both.

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