Why do People Travel to India for Medical Tourism?

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In the recent decade, India has become one of the most sought-after medical destinations. India is one of the world’s top three medical tourism countries. Medical travel or Medical tourism implies when a person is considering medical treatment outside their country. India is gaining popularity in the medical tourism segment based on the highly qualified healthcare professionals, latest infrastructure compared to most advanced countries, minimal treatment cost, personalized care, easy accessibility coupled with the use of traditional medicine systems that includes Ayurveda and Yoga. Advances in information and communication technology have played a critical role in establishing India as a medical tourism pioneer. 

Several renowned hospitals in metro cities have already created a mark as the best hospitals for medical tourism in India among international patients. Most of these hospitals have state-of-the-art infrastructure that is at par with most developed countries in the world. Simultaneously, the government of India has been taking extensive measures to endorse medical tourism in India. One of the most impactful steps is to provide quick, easy, and special visas to any foreign traveler seeking to travel to India on medical grounds.

Medical Tourism in India

The amalgamation of top-notch healthcare services offered at a highly competitive cost with the opportunity to travel to the most scenic places makes India the preferred choice for medical tourists. Most patients are not opting for a destination that offers an all-inclusive package of the best quality treatment, no language barriers, ease of communication, residing and traveling at competitive prices. India falls in perfect sync with all these parameters, so India leads in the global medical tourism market. Over the years, Medical tourism in India is preferred by travelers across the globe to attain the best clinical treatment, rejuvenate, and recharge. Healthcare services offered in India include the top medical treatments in India, rejuvenation and wellness package, and alternative medicine package. Some of the best medical treatments in India are orthopedic, weight-loss surgeries, spine surgeries, oncology, bariatric or weight-loss surgeries, cosmology, gynecology, neurology, Leukaemia, etc.

Reasons that make India most Suitable Medical Tourism Destination

Cost Saving

The base of medical tourism is the cost factor. Affordable healthcare is the main crux. The cost of medical treatment in India for a particular disease is lower compared to the other developed countries. It has been estimated that patients can save around 30% to 80% of the cost in India compared to a developed western country for the same treatment. The treatment cost, hospital charges, traveling expenses, medicine cost, accommodation cost, all of it, is in an affordable range for the medical tourist. The difference in the cost of medical treatment can be enormous for a patient undergoing a medical procedure that is not covered by the insurance company or for a person who does not have insurance.

Quality of Medical Treatment

Previously, a patient may have been hesitant to accept treatment in India while undergoing medical treatment. But, in the last two decades, India has soared on top as the provider of the highest quality healthcare. The Indian government has made significant efforts to ensure that medical services are of high quality. It has set up a national accreditation agency – NABH- National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers.  This agency ensures the highest international standards in certification and accreditation. It validates that all the medical facilities abide by the best practices and are not inferior compared to other developed countries. India now has more than 500 NABH-accredited hospitals. Around 36 hospitals are accredited by JCI – Joint Commission International – US accreditation agency. JCI-accredited hospitals adhere to the same high standards as hospitals in the United States. India’s healthcare services are among the best in the world. So, medical tourism opting to avail treatment can be assured to receive the highest quality healthcare at a Low Price in India.

Minimum or Nil Waiting Period

In most critical health issues, the patient does not have the leverage to wait, and immediate treatment is required. International patients who have opted for Medical tourism in India are given immediate access to the required healthcare services. They are placed on the priority list. There are generally no wait times for treatments in India. Compared to India, western countries have waiting periods for weeks or months. Having procedures completed as quickly as possible helps to avoid future complications and health issues. Many patients opt for India to get the procedures done faster rather than waiting for the treatment in their countries. When the patient arrives for treatment, the setup is almost always ready for them.

No language hurdle

One of the official languages in India is English. Most of the verbal communications across the nation are carried out in English. Medical tourists would have ease of communication as English is the widely spoken language across all the hospitals in India. Alternatively, several translators and interpreters are available with their services. Most of them have undergone medical treatment themselves and so are familiar with the medical terminologies. It enables patients to receive medical care much easier.

Experienced Doctors

Not only is India a center of world-class amenities, but it is also home to some of the world’s most renowned and revered doctors who are pioneers in their clinical expertise and respective fields of specialization. There are tons of allopathic doctors, nurses, surgeons, Ayurvedic doctors. India has the largest pool of healthcare professionals in Southern Asia. Most Indian doctors have trained and experienced at some of the prestigious medical organizations in the UK, the US, and other developed countries. Thus, doctors in India are highly competent in providing the best treatment to patients from different countries.


The primary motive of Medical tourism is to get high-quality medical care at competitive rates. With it, A person may also have the opportunity to travel to a new country. Not all medical tourists visiting India are in critical condition or are bedridden some of them are seeking dental treatment, cosmetic care, etc., can travel across the country and explore the natural beauty, culture, and lifestyle of India. One of the main advantages for a medical tourist to visit India apart from the treatment is the feasibility to explore this diverse country with their family members. Any season is perfect to explore India. Most of the renowned hospitals of India are located in metro cities. And all these metro cities have great air connection with almost all international cities. Plus, the flight rates to India are in the affordable range for any medical tourist. The norms of medical visas are simplified to offer hassle-free entry for all medical patients and their attendants. The medical visa entails long-term stays and multiple entries. 

Mediflam: Medical Tourism in India

Medical tourism in India has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. Earlier international medical tourists used to visit India purely for healthcare. But, now the scenario is different. Now the medical tourists wish to avail a complete package that includes high-quality treatment, ease of travel, competitive pricing, ease of communication, and travel to explore the country. India is renowned for offering quality healthcare at affordable costs. While planning to get medical treatment in India, seek the best travel facilitator – Mediflam. Our platform offers patients to avail themselves of both video and audio consultation with the doctor – before they arrive in India. Opt for Mediflam to have a second opinion before taking the big leap. Mediflam has a panel of some of the most experienced and coveted doctors from all over the country. We have affiliations with several renowned hospitals in India. Hence, register yourself on the Mediflam platform, seek an online consultation with the doctor, and plan the medical travel to the preferred city in India. Apart from assisting in telehealth, Mediflam team also assists medical tourists with medical visa assistance, flight booking, accommodation, transportation, and other non-medical services.  The motto of the flagship brand is to serve our clients and has gained the immense trust of our patrons. With this aim, we not only focus on the healthcare requirement of the medical tourists but provide complete assistance for all their needs.

FAQs on Medical Tourism in India

Which country is the best for medical tourism?

India is the best country for medical tourism, followed by Singapore, South Korea, Panama, etc. 

Which countries are leading in medical tourism in the world?

The countries that are leading in medical tourism in the world are – China, India, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. 

Why is India the best for medical tourism?

Medical tourism in India ranks the best; based on the state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced and empathetic healthcare professionals, skilled doctors, and competitive and affordable costs. 

Which city in India has the best doctors?

Almost all metro cities have the best doctors of India; however, the density of high-qualified and experienced doctors is more in the capital city of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.  

Is medical tourism good or bad?

Is medical tourism good or bad? – is a subjective question. There are more pros than cons to medical tourism. At the same time, it is quite subjective for each medical tourist depending on their current necessity for medical treatment. 

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