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  • Neuromuscular disorders cause significant disability in patients and deterioratetheir quality of life. A lot of such disorders occur in the elderly. The management of theseis done through the use of drugs but sometimes these have limited usefulness. At times, other treatment modalities need to be used to get a satisfactory outcome for the patient.
  • Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure wherein electrodes are implanted in specific areas of the brain. These generate electrical impulses to regulate abnormal impulses or affect certain cells that secrete neurotransmitters.
  • The amount of stimulation is controlled by a pacemaker-like device placed under the skin in the upper chest. A wire travels under the skin and connects with the electrodes. Currently, it is being used for the treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, epilepsy, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is currently being studied for the potential treatment of Tourette syndrome, Huntington’s disease and chorea, chronic pain, major depression, and cluster headache.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation is usually reserved for those patients where medications fail to manage the disease. Despite being considered a safe surgery, like other surgeries, there can be some complications of this surgery. Some of the side effects of the surgery include misplaced leads, bleeding in the brain, stroke, infection, difficulty in breathing, nausea, heart problems, and seizures.
  • Possible side effects post-surgery include the chances of developing seizures, infections, headache, temporary pain and swelling at the implantation site, and confusion. Some patients also experience difficulty in concentrating post-surgery. There are also some chances of getting a stroke.
  • Some patients also develop hardware complications like an eroded lead wire. Once the surgery is done perfectly, there might be some chances of sideeffects developing due to stimulation. These include numbness or tingling sensations, muscle tightness of the face or arm, speech problems, balance problems, lightheadedness, vision problems like double vision, and unwanted mood changes like anger and depression.
  • As the average age of the population increases, the chances of the development of movement disorders like Parkinson’s increase dramatically. DBS and many such treatment modalities will be increasingly employed in the near future to improve the quality of life of these patients. These treatments cannot treat the disease itself but can help alleviate the symptoms. But these treatments also pose significant risks to the patients.
  • A lot of factors need to be considered before deciding on the course of treatment and DBS should only be considered when the risk to benefit ratio tilt in the patient’s favor. Treatment for neurovascular disorders in India is decided after taking into consideration patient factors like age and current medical condition.
  • A lot of expert hospitals in India can cater to different medical problems of patients from around the world. Indian neurologists and neurosurgeons, coupled with excellent health infrastructure, can lead to therapeutic outcomes that are in parallel with those in the Western nations.
  • Medical tourism in India is increasing exponentially and is now one of the most trusted medical destinations. Many hospitals, including single-specialty, multi-specialty, and super-specialty, have sprung up in different cities of India, giving patients multiple options to choose from. This can sometimes lead to extreme confusion for the patients and the family to choose the right hospital and the doctor that is suited to their medical condition.Medical tourism consultants in India bridge this gap because of their extensive knowledge, and in-depth study of different hospitals and doctors.
  • MediFlam is a reputed name among medical tourism consultants in India. They have an expert in-house medical team that assists patients in making informed decisions while choosing doctors and/or hospitals that are tailored to their needs. MediFlam Pvt. Ltd. is a company that offers telemedicine and medical tourism features along with the options of availing the second opinion and opting for wellness tourism. Our website provides comprehensive information on the services that we offer. Good health is everyone’s right and we firmly believe everyone should get access to quality treatments, and we, as a company, strive to provide the best treatment to our patients at the most affordable rates. India has an excellent health infrastructure and has been trusted by people worldwide. So, if you are suffering from any ailments, make a plan to come to India and we, MediFlam, will be more than happy to make your experience hassle-free, and send you back home and healthy and hale.

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