Detox your body through the Ayurvedic way

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Detoxification generally means medicinal or physiological removal of toxins (Ama) from the body that is mainly carried out by the liver. It can also be referred to as a period of withdrawal in which the body returns to homeostasis after long use of toxic substances. Detoxification is an essential part to gain optimal health. 

Nowadays, detoxification has become important while talking about general health and wellness. It has been around us for centuries as an important part of most cultures around the world whether it is ayurvedic, naturopathic, homeopathic or Unani, or Chinese medicines of detoxification. If an individual is suffering from unexplained fatigue, allergies, tired and puffy eyes, dull skin and hair, feelings of anxiety and depression, menstrual irregularities, he needs to detoxify his body. When we cleanse our body and give enough rest then it starts functioning more efficiently and derives nourishment in the best possible manner.

Why detox the body?

Do you ever feel slightly off, or lethargic despite being of how healthy you follow a healthy lifestyle and diet? The reason is quite simple that your body continuously gets effect by eating habits, lifestyle, and environmental changes. When you put extra pressure on your vital organs, they don’t work efficiently and as a result, you start feeling lethargic and off. However, you can’t quite point out what exactly is wrong with you because this is the time when illness and disease started appearing and it can be a more specific condition that disrupts the quality of life. Nowadays, feeling inactive has almost become common and the truth is that so many of us are giving up on the possibility of feeling best again. However, in the early stages of being unwell- feeling off and down, or hindered in some way- we can correct our imbalances with ease through the detoxification process. To know more about the benefits of detoxification, you can take an online consultation with Ayurveda Vaidya. Below, you will find the benefits of detoxifying the body:  

  • Detoxification removes the unavoidable toxins (Ama) from the body and makes an individual feel more energetic and healthy. 
  • Detoxification brings an individual in touch with themselves and makes conscious that how food affects the general well-being. 
  • Detoxification increases energy in the body because it clears all the channels of the body and the body feels a surge in energy. 
  • Detoxification controls the food craving because making choices of good food that are healthy during a detox program brings back the focus on the food and decreases the cravings and addiction. 
  • Detoxification improves the blood circulation in the body, provides organs a much-needed rest, and makes the liver and kidneys flush out toxins. 
  • During detoxification, eating nutrient-dense foods balance the deficiency of nutrients in the body, and vitamins, minerals, and other micro-nutrients get stored in the body and the body starts functioning more efficiently.  

Ayurveda for Detox 

Ayurveda is a highly preferred treatment to detoxify the body. The Ayurveda treatment resets the organ and system of the body by cleansing and eliminating the toxins (Ama) from the body. Ayurveda cautiously assists the body to rid itself from hormonal and emotional imbalances, boosts energy, and promotes vitality. Ayurveda divides the world into five different elements: These are Air (Vayu), Earth (Prithvi), Fire (Teja), Space (Aakash), and Water (Jal). 

The various combinations of these five elements are believed to form three types of humor that are also known as doshas. Dosha is responsible for different physiological functions in the human body. Vata, Kapha, and Pitta are three different doshas. To ensure good health, an individual is meant to maintain equilibrium between three doshas as well as the five elements. If there is an imbalance in the doshas and five elements, the disease is likely to occur. 

As per Ayurveda, detoxification of the body is a routine part to restore the balance of health. Keeping in mind that every individual has its unique balance of doshas, based on their personality traits and genetics that are linked to various health outcomes, detoxification treatment is advised. An ayurvedic practitioner will help you to determine your dosha type and advise you on related detoxification treatments. You can consult a doctor online with an ayurvedic practitioner to know more about your dosha and body type. Taking an online consultation is necessary because the expert will recommend to you that how to start the detoxification process as per your body type and what would be suitable time and treatments for your body. 

Ayurveda recommends detoxing at the start of the season to get rid of your body from toxins (Ama) that has accumulated in your body during the previous season from food, stress, and other environmental factors. Each person has different doshas and all ayurvedic detoxes do not look the same, however, it cleanses the impurities and toxins of the body. In addition to detox, Ayurveda encourages to make broader lifestyle and dietary modifications to achieve a balanced dosha.

Step and ways of Ayurvedic detox: 

Panchakarma: It is an ayurvedic method of cleansing the body from all unwanted toxins. Panchakarma is a combination of two Sanskrit words “Panch” and “Karma”. Panch means “five” and Karma means “procedure”. It is a unique treatment in the sense that includes preventive, curative, and promotive actions for different diseases. The goal of Panchakarma is not only to eliminate toxins from the body but also to maintain a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The five procedures of Panchakarma are Vamana (Emesis), Virechana (Purgation), Nasyam (Nasal installation), Raktamokshana (Blood purification), and Basti (Enema). There are three steps followed during Panchakarma treatments: 

  • Poorva Karma: It is the preparatory stage that is done before the main procedure to enable a person to receive full benefits of the Panchakarma treatment. It consists of two main processes: Oleation (Snehanam) and fomentation (Swedanam). This procedure helps to dislodge the accumulated toxins from the body and thus preparing the body for complete removal of toxins. 
  • Pradhan Karma: It is the main procedure done after the completion of Poorva Karma in which toxins are eliminated from the body. 
  • Paschaat Karma: It is a post-therapy procedure that includes a dietary regimen to restore the body’s absorptive and digestive capacity into its normal state.

Dietary modification: Each dosha requires a specific diet. An individual as per their body constitution is supposed to avoid foods that are believed as a trigger for toxin buildup in the body. Ayurveda recommends water as a primary beverage during detox. It recommends mono-diet along with the diet to be taken at the same time each day to rebalance the dosha. 

Massage: An ayurvedic massage during detoxification moves impurities in the body towards the digestive system and thus it helps to flush out toxins from the body. It prevents premature aging, drains the lymphatic system, and improves skin and hair health.

Yoga and meditation: Daily yoga and meditation practices are key components of an Ayurvedic detox. Yoga and meditation along with various breathing techniques can help an individual to disconnect from daily distractions, decrease the stress level and anxiety, and increase creativity and self-awareness. 


The ayurvedic detox helps to cleanse the body, enhance the power of the five senses, get back the vitality both at the mental and physical level, and promote overall well-being. Usually, the excess toxins (Ama) cause lethargy, lack of appetite, sluggishness, exhaustion, feel weak and heavy, the food tasting bad and constipation, etc. These symptoms can be quite normal, occasional occurrence, and not importantly a cause for alarm. However, if several symptoms like these start to pile up, then ayurvedic detox is beneficial in restoring health and maintaining equilibrium. Detox through Ayurveda helps to protect from various diseases and restore the ability to maintain optimum health. This is how Ayurveda can be a transformational force in our lives. It teaches us to tune into subtle indicators and helps us to realize that there is a chance for improvement within the mind, body, and soul. 

As an ancient healing system, it honors the utter uniqueness that helps an individual to court an improving sense of harmony and balance in life. We all want a healthy and balanced life that is free of obstructions and negativity. But do you know how to achieve this state? Ayurveda is the best method to give you a sense of complete wellness and healing experience and rediscover yourself. We provide various highly recommendable and affordable detox programs that will take you away from a toxic lifestyle and give you a realm of self- reconnection and relaxation. To know more about our detox programs, visit our website:

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