What happens to a women’s body in her 50’s?

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Women’s changing bodies at every age has always been a topic of discussion from the ’30s to ’40s and ’50s. From weight gain, to taste preferences to choices, everything changes according to time. Understanding the stages of our lives and how it affects our body, helps women to keep own self healthy and away from diseases at large.

Women spend most of their life taking care of others and in all her routine she somewhere takes herself for granted or ignores her health. We all know the importance of being healthy. A woman spends looking after her family, work, and the stressful routine and often misses on the nutritional deficiencies in her body, which results in major health problems during old age.

However, nowadays silver years are getting better with the advances in nutrition and medicines. Medical science has developed a lot to help and prevent health issues in women. Still, we should not avoid the risk of problems women still facing today and it is more important for the senior years to get proper nutritionist consultation.

Many unknown problems occur during the ’50s and 9 out of ten adults are facing such problems which can be cured by consulting a specialized doctor.

As per the experts we see below few common problems that a woman faces during her 50’s.

High Blood Pressure.

More than 5 out of 10 are at risk of stroke due to elevated blood pressures. The majority of women have high blood pressure issues. Consulting a doctor and taking a F.A.S.T test will surely help to diagnose the condition and prevent the occurrence of strokes as these leave irreversible changes that are not treatable.

As in 50’s the blood vessels get less flexible and so cause stress on the system that carries blood throughout the body. Eating healthy, timely consulting the Doctor, regular exercise can help women to prevent such severe conditions.


Every woman faces a deficit of calcium and vitamin D3 and important minerals that cause severe damage to the bones. Osteoporosis is the most common at the age of ’50s in a woman. It causes bones to become very weak and break very often and faster than the regular ones.

Women are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis because of the rapid decrease in estrogen levels during menopause. During the decrease in estrogen levels in the body, women tend to lose calcium, Vitamin D3, and many other necessary minerals at a rapid speed. A healthy diet, weight lifting exercises like walking, dancing, jogging. And proper supplements help prevent and improve bone health at every stage.

Along with Bones, hair, eyes, skin also tend to get affected at this age. Consulting a nutritionist doctor will help to prevent severe damage to the body.

Pelvic and Reproductive Health

Urinary, reproductive, and Sexual health depends on the strong muscles and ligaments that hold the pelvis. Childbirths, hysterectomies, and menopause can cause such problems. Uncontrolled urination causes when the pelvic organ falls out of its place. Maintaining the pelvic floor, strengthening the muscle with little routine exercise will help in avoiding awkward situations. The consulting doctor will help and prevent damage to the pelvic floor and help prevent pelvic organ prolapse.


A change in Breasts occurs at every stage and after puberty. The monthly cycle brings some short-term changes in women’s breasts. During pregnancy, the breasts swell and become heavier as the milk ducts grow getting prepared to nurse the newborn. During menopause, it becomes elastic and sagging as there is a fall in estrogen level in the body, which increases the chances of Breast Cancer.

Genetics also plays a major role in causing Breast cancer. However, taking proper supplements, timely consulting doctors, and undergoing few checkups like sonography and mammograms will help in early detection and diagnosis.  


Depression is the most common mental disorder in women in the age range of the ’50s. Whole life spending behind family, caring for others, and ignoring oneself results in insecurity, and emotional breakdown eventually causing depression. There are many other causes during menopause that end in such mental disorders.

The silver age in women comes with all unknown surprises in the form of few common health issues which makes life a little complicated and painful. To avoid difficulties and severity to health problems women should give priority and tend to themselves at every age along with other priorities. Consultation with a doctor, nutritionist, or a health specialist on a timely basis, examining own body, along with nutritious intake, daily exercise, and stress-free life can have a thin line of such common problems in the air.

A healthy happiness today will bring the silver age glowing forever.

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