Importance of Mental Health in The Era of COVID-19 Pandemic

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As we step into the year 2021, it is quite unlikely to even think of the last bizarre year, one of the most crucial days for all human beings. It was the time for the Spring season, and instead of visiting a travel curator for a vacation, many of us thought of visiting a psychiatrist or foronline consultation with psychiatrist for the balance of mind. The anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside-down and affected our daily life schedules. Today there are new rules and regulations to be followed for happy days.

The pandemic bought with it the importance of a healthy mind as during the lockdown scenarios people experienced mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, and isolation. People who were already suffering from such mental issues, their problems were further magnified. During the pandemic, you may have come across many people who complained about stress, depression, and worries due to COVID19, and as per research, the stress and depression level rates have doubled.  It has also been observed the consumption of alcohol has increased by 25%. All the worries are relating to financial burdens, social isolation, and job loss. It is very important to spread a concrete mental health awareness of the entire population around the globe.

The post COVID19 depression and stress levels in the world is an alarming issue now, and it is very important not only for the health care systems but also ourselves to take the mental health issue seriously and take certain steps to address this issue.

Let’s go into a detailed stepwise form to know more about mental illness, know about its symptoms, and how to curtail this issue.

  1. Signs of Mental Illness
  2. Symptoms of Mental Illness
  3. How Psychiatrist Helps you to Improve Your Mental Health?
  4. Benefits of Seeing a Psychiatrist
  5. Online Session with Psychiatrist
  6. How Online Psychiatrist Consultation Helps in COVID-19 Pandemic?
  7. Mediflam: Consult Top Psychiatrist Online

Signs of Mental Illness

When a person’s mental health is affected, he/she may experience mental health disorders or mental illness. This illness changes the behaviour of individuals, with the person facing mood fluctuations, overthinking, and so on. Some common stress symptoms are addiction to alcohol, smoking or so, eating disorders, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.

Mental illness can be managed with proper medications and going for a therapeutic session with a psychiatrist. Mental disorders can affect anyone of any age, be it an adult or a child. It is very important to overcome this disorder as soon as possible to improve and maintain quality of life, and study or work as per your daily schedule.

The below signs indicates if the individual is suffering from mental illness or not:

  1. If he/she completely isolates themselves, that is, socially isolated;
  2. Easily gets worried or excessive anxiety;
  3. Extreme mood fluctuations;
  4. Changes in sleeping or eating patterns;
  5. Too much irritation or sadness;

Symptoms of Mental Illness

The depression issue is a serious and alarming one. The symptoms and signs of mental depression vary from person to person, depending on the factors, circumstances and other disorders. These symptoms affect the person’s behaviour, emotions, and thoughts.

The various symptoms of Mental Illness are as below:


Anxiety is an emotion affecting your brain, increasing your stress levels and making you feel more anxious. Anxiety may come and go, it may be a short or long time one, depending from person to person and situation also. But anxiety issues can be a cause to worry for some people when it is not cured and last for months or even years. And if left unnoticed can surely hamper your daily life, and this thing is known as an anxiety disorder.

There are different types of anxiety disorders listed below:

  • Panic Disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Special Phobias

To manage the feelings of this type of disorder, it will be very great to consult a therapist for anxiety.


Sadness is an emotion that doesn’t appear naturally rather it gets triggered. This can happen anytime in a day or even many times in a day and come for a brief time. One can feel sad with the experiences he/she faced in their lives and it can be light one to severe and heart-breaking too. This, in turn, increases the stress levels of a person and may take to the verge of depression eventually.

Whenever you feel sad, try to divert yourselves with some kind of distractions or any activities you love to do.

Mood Swings

Every human-being has mood swings, some day we will be very happy and sometimes too low, and that’s a completely normal thing. But when these swings reach an extreme level and hamper your day to day life, it can be unhealthy.

This is one of the most important symptoms of mood swings, where you frequently skip from being extremely depressed to extremely happy and you need to consult your doctor and start with the medications. You can discuss with him/her and try finding out the reasons for depression mood swings.

The common causes of the rapid mood changes can be related to hormonal issues, menstruation in women, mental disorders, or any other health issues.

Disturbed Sleep Patterns

Many of us also find it difficult to fall asleep, it is healthy if you fall to sleep in 30 minutes of lying on the bed. But most people have sleeping problems because of work pressure, stress, and other problems. Sometimes it is ok to have a disturbed sleep pattern, but when the frequency increases, it will affect your daily life.

This sleeping pattern is a major symptom of a mental health disorder or can also be any other medical issue. It is very important to consult a doctor and examine this problem. The treatment is a combination of minor changes in lifestyle and medications.

The different types of sleeping disorders are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Parasomnias
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless leg syndrome

How psychiatrist Help You to Improve Your Mental Health?

What is a Psychiatrist?

The doctors who have expertise with dealing with mental health are called Psychiatrists. They have an intense understanding of the mental state of an individual and help with diagnosing the mental disorder.

Someone who is suffering from depression, anxiety issues, addiction, schizophrenia, and eating, or sleeping disorders.

Why one should go to see a psychiatrist:

  • Anxiety, fear or worry
  • Having suicidal thoughts
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Negative thinking
  • High-stress levels
  • Delusions
  • Hurting yourself purposely or thinking of hurting other people
  • Memory issues
  • Insomnia or any other sleeping disorders
  • Emotional outbursts or violence

Treatment provided by a psychiatrist:

There are several treatments advised by the doctors such as:

  • medications
  • practice meditation to overcome your thoughts
  • brain stimulation therapies
  • psychological treatment

With the help of a psychiatrist, you will also understand the importance of mental health and how adversely it affects your body if you’re suffering from any disorder. They will advise you on certain foods, certain mind relaxing therapies which will certainly improve

Benefits of visiting a psychiatrist

The goal of the therapist is to control your thoughts, gain confidence and bring your life back on track. For this to happen, the therapists and your relationship should be strong and stable. This will let you share all the relevant information with him/her, and this empathetic environment will make you learn how to live without stress. So it’s very important to feel relaxed and stress-free during your therapeutic sessions.

The therapists try finding insights on your problems and slowly and gradually help you to come out of that situation.

Major benefits of visiting a psychiatrist are:

  • To improve the quality of your life;
  • To have a balance between your professional and personal life;
  • To spend some quality time with your friends and family;
  • To have trust and confidence in yourself to face the uncertainties of life;
  • To overcome depression and live a blessed life;
  •  To overcome trauma attacks and be ready to pass through any hurdles of your life;
  • To overcome sadness;

Online Session with a Psychiatrist

These days we use the internet for many of our personal needs. As online shopping has helped many of us, similarly mental disorders can also be handled easily with online consultation with a psychiatrist. Depression, high levels of stress, fear, or anxiety are symptoms of mental illness and can be treated with online counselling services via phone or video.

The first step to virtual counselling is to search for the best online therapist for you, who can understand your problems and helps to bring back balance to your life through phone, video calling, or live chats. This type of counselling is convenient as you can attend from anywhere in the world and connect with the best doctors in the world.

How Online Psychiatrist Consultation Helps in COVID-19 Pandemic?

As said, many of us are today, passing through some kind of mental disorder, say stress, anxiety, depression, or so post this pandemic. And our physical health is equally important as our mental health. This will help us in the long term and even when we get infected by COVID-19.

More and more people need of counselling or better e-counselling during this pandemic. And, so the psychiatrists have started to indulge into online counselling through phone or video call. This also helps to maintain social distancing in the COVID-19 pandemic. This process can also be called “telepsychiatry.”

This is very helpful during the COVID-19 times, as it’s very convenient both for the doctors and the patients equally. Many doctors also provide free online counselling for the first session, to judge the comfort level of the patient. This will be quite helpful for the patient to know whether he/she is satisfied with telehealth.

Telepsychiatry has focused more on psychotherapy, mobile mental health applications, medication management, therapeutic sessions over the phone, and also meditation, the best way to calm the thoughts.

Henceforth, post the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of telepsychiatry can increase at a higher pace and is one of the convenient ways to reach a sufferer.

Tips to successful Teleconsultations:

  • Follow the instructions of your psychiatrist
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Don’t sit near the window, because your face might appear blurred your doctor
  • If any children in the house, instruct them in advance to be calm during your session
  • Sit in a silent room, with proper air and light

And don’t at all be worried about your privacy, though the doctor will note down your points, the session won’t be recorded and the doctor won’t record the session. The method of telepsychiatry is the same as the one to one treatment done in the hospitals.

Mediflam: Online Health Consultation Provider

Mediflam is an online health check-up provider, an initiative taken by the Flamingo group of companies. With Mediflam you can reach some of the best specialists and doctors and get an accurate check-up done. You can consult our top Psychiatrist Online consultations and get your mental illness issues solved.

So for any more details on online consultation, you can contact our health service provider or visit our website. We will be happy to serve you.

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