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    In recent years mental health is getting acknowledged all over the world. It is no longer regarded as taboo or something to be embarrassed about. Mental illness is analogous to physical illness. Physical illness refers to physical health issues, whereas mental illness refers to all mental health issues and problems. Mental health problems are disturbances that arise in the person’s behavior, thinking, and emotions. It leads to disability in work, social, and family activities. One may have symptoms; like anxiety, forgetfulness, irritability, depression, moods swings, and other psychological disorders. 

    Treatment for mental illness is imperative if not treated on time will have an impact on daily life. Mental illness is similar to that any heart disease or diabetes, etc. One should not feel embarrassed to seek support and treatment for the same. It is advisable not to feel ashamed of it and not accepting to get the treatment. The thought of approaching a psychiatrist itself is overwhelming. The whole clinic or hospital setting, surrounded by people, the process associated with it is intimidating. Search for the best doctor closer to your location, schedule an appointment, take time off from your routine can be a daunting task. So, why not consult a psychiatrist online instead? By doing so save yourself from all the apprehensions, and feel relaxed in the comfort of your place and share your feelings and concerns with the doctor online. If you are wondering how and where to find a psychiatrist online, you have arrived at the right location. Consult a psychiatrist online at Mediflam. 

    Causes of Mental Illnesses

    Based on medical health researches, there is not just one specific cause for mental illness. It can be caused by a single or multiple environmental, biological, and psychological variables. Some of the causes of mental illnesses are as below: 

    • Neurochemistry
    • Any trauma faced during childhood
    • Heredity or Genetics
    • Environmental exposures
    • Being in an accident, loss of a loved one, or a divorce.
    • Substance abuse – alcohol and drugs

    Who is a Psychiatrist?

    To treat mental disorders, a person should consult a psychiatrist. People generally mix up psychologists and psychiatrists. Psychologists do not prescribe medicines they treat patients through therapies. In severe cases, psychologists would refer the case to a psychiatrist. So, who is a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from mental illnesses. They cure people suffering from various mental health disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, mood swings, anxiety, substance abuse, etc. Seek an online psychiatrist consultation. The psychiatrists would assess the patient based on their physical and mental health symptoms. They will create a diagnosis and work to help the patient get better.

    Treatment Offered by Psychiatrist on Mediflam Platform

    To cure mental illnesses consult a psychiatrist online on the Mediflam website. On this site, psychiatrists offer a wide range of mental illness treatment alternatives. Treatments offered by Psychiatrist for mental illnesses such as: 

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Personality Disorder
    • Addictions
    • Eating Disorders
    • Sleeping Disorders


    Anxiety is a type of mental health disorder. It is normal to feel nervous or anxious while tackling a task at home or work, taking an exam, going for an interview, or while making an important decision. But the anxiousness that goes beyond the regular anxiety is known as an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder develops when it interferes with one's ability to function, when one is unable to control their reactions to situations, and when they frequently overreact when something triggers their emotions. When a person has an anxiety problem, they may be afraid to react in certain situations. They may also feel physical signs such as sweating and thumping heart. Symptoms of anxiety disorder may vary from person to person depending on their type of anxiety levels. Some of the generic symptoms are as below: 

    • Heartbeat
    • Sweaty hands
    • Dry mouth
    • Minor gasping for breath
    • Uneasiness and fear
    • Uncontrolled thoughts
    • Unable to stay calm
    • Could not sleep

    If a person becomes aware of any of the above symptoms, they should consult Top Psychiatrist Online. Once the patient has discussed their health condition, the doctor will begin to check for any medical history and if required may ask the patient to undergo some physical examinations. The doctor will devise a treatment strategy based on your symptoms and medical history.


    Depression is a severe medical health issue that affects negatively how a person feels, thinks, and acts. Depression causes sadness, a loss of interest, and a reduction in their capacity to perform at home or work. It may also increase several other physical and emotional problems. Depression symptoms may be mild for some and severe for another person. Some of the common symptoms of clinical depression are as below: 

    • Sudden weight loss or gain – change in appetite
    • Sleeping too much or is not able to sleep
    • Feeling depressed or sad for no reason
    • Loss of interest in their hobbies
    • Fatigue
    • Feeling guilty
    • Difficult to make decisions
    • Suicidal thoughts

    Consult psychiatrists online to diagnose you for depression. The psychiatrist would recommend medication, psychological therapies, and some lifestyle changes as part of the treatment plan. The treatment is usually determined by the severity of the patient's depression. If the patient shows severe symptoms and signs of depression and is at risk of hurting others or themselves, then the doctor may suggest treatment in the hospital.

    Personality Disorder

    Personality defines an individual. It is a blend of thoughts, moods, attitudes, and behaviors and how the person expresses these traits with other people around them. When any personality traits become inflexible or rigid, it leads to personality disorder.  People suffering from personality disorders have specific patterns of thinking and acting that are different from the usual social norms. It may cause distress to the person and may interfere with their professional and personal life. Multiple personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and others are examples of personality disorders.

    Patients having personality disorders may not seek treatment on their own and so remain untreated. Unlike patients suffering from anxiety disorders, who are aware of their problems but are not able to control them, persons having personality disorders are usually not aware of their problem and may not believe that they have to treat or control anything.

    Treatment for personality disorders differs based on the type of disorder. Most of them are unrelenting, constant, and difficult to treat. It’s imperative to consult a psychiatrist online as early as possible to relieve the patient from any type of personality disorder. Most personality disorders are persistent, unrelenting, and are challenging to treat. Treatment can help alleviate some of the distressing symptoms associated with a variety of personality disorders.


    Addiction is a chronic mental health disease. Persons suffering from an addiction have an uncontrolled urge to use dangerous substances such as alcohol or drugs, etc. Addictions are not just threatening for a person having them but also cause pain to other family members. Substance addictions like drug and alcohol addictions are the most common form of addiction. But, people also suffer from other behavioral addictions such as gambling, shopping, eating, dieting, video gaming, shoplifting, and porn addiction problems. 

    Addiction symptoms alter from person to person. Some of the symptoms are lack of control, unable to stop using the substance, physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms, etc. Seek online psychiatrist consultation to treat addiction issues. If not treated, it may cause problems at work, damage relationships, and lead to legal and financial problems. 

    Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders can affect people of any gender, age, or body shape, or size. It is a mental health disorder that is complex, serious, and affects their physical and emotional health. Persons suffering from eating disorders have irregular eating habits, unhealthy relationships with their food, appearance, or weight. Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder are just a few types of eating disorders. The symptoms of eating disorders may be hard to spot at the initial stage as it mimics dieting. Some of the generic ones are fatigue, mood swings, drastic weight gain or weight loss, frequent visits to the bathroom, hot flashes, hair loss, solo dining, etc. 

    Persons suffering from eating disorders - if not treated on time may face life-threatening problems. Treatment for it again depends on the type of eating disorder. Consult a psychiatrist online to identify and treat the individual suffering from this disorder.

    Sleeping Disorders

    Quality of sleep is directly related to your quality of life. Sleep disorders impair sleep and prevent one from having a peaceful relaxation or sleep. Due to this, a person may feel sleepy during the day and may face other symptoms. Though, each one would have experienced sleep problems in their lives. However, one may have a sleep disorder if they face difficulty sleeping, feel restless or tired during the day, reduce the ability to carry out routine tasks, etc. The sleeping disorder may affect all aspects of life like your performance, relationships, safety, development of disease, and mental health. 

    Sleep disorders come in a variety of forms, with insomnia and sleep apnea being two of the most frequent. Struggle to stay awake during an activity, difficulties concentrating, work performance issues, and so on are some symptoms of sleep disorders. The causes of sleep disorder may be due to medical issues such as asthma, psychiatric issues such as anxiety or depression, environmental such as substance abuse, old age, a shift in the biological clock, and medications. This disorder can be treated in various ways like counseling, maintaining a regular sleep schedule, exercise, minimal noise and light while sleeping, temperature control, and other ways. Opt for an online psychiatrist consultation so that the psychiatrists can recommend treatments based on your specific condition. 

    When to consult a psychiatrist online?

    Mental illness is a common disorder amongst a small part of the population who suffer from disorders; like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. One should consult a psychiatrist online when 

    There are emotions, thoughts, or behavior that are not manageable and affects their work and relationships

    • Insomnia
    • They struggle to face the painful challenges of life. 
    • Influenced by substance abuse
    • Frequent Mood swings
    • Suicidal thoughts or harming oneself or other family members.

    Why choose online Psychiatrist consultation?

    Some of the mental health disorders can be handled by ourselves, but sometimes in critical situations, we may need the medical intervention of a psychiatrist. Working with the doctor will help us to face our problems better and may even enhance our lives. With the technological advancement in this era, one can even opt for an online psychiatrist consultation. Many psychiatrists in India are now available for online consultation. The perks of it are many such as below: 

    • The comfort of your space
    • Privacy 
    • Convenient
    • Speed of service
    • Effectiveness
    • Personally connect with the doctor or psychiatrist. 

    Mediflam - Consult Top Psychiatrist Online 

    This tech-savvy era clubbed with the pandemic that had hit us hard – has made us more prone to opt for everything online. When it comes to resolving health issues online, one of the most trusted platforms is Mediflam.  Do not hesitate to accept your mental health disorder, and feel free to consult a psychiatrist online on Mediflam. Discuss your state of mind with the psychiatrists, get diagnosed and treated for it, and live a happy and mentally fit life. 

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    Frequently asked questions about Psychiatrist

    What Is The Difference Between Psychiatrists And Psychologists?
    The distinction between psychologists and psychiatrists is sometimes misunderstood. Both psychologists and psychiatrists understand emotions, thoughts, feelings, and the science behind them. Both can cure mental illness through therapies. However, there are a few main differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Like a psychologist is not a medical doctor - a psychiatrist is, a psychologist cannot prescribe medicines - psychiatrist can and psychologists treat by focusing on offer psychotherapy whereas a psychiatrist can diagnose mental state, advise treatment and also offer various therapies to cure severe mental illnesses. 
    What Are The Common Signs Of Mental Illness?
    To refer to your mental health status as mental illness, the signs and symptoms faced by you would have distressed or interfered with your professional or personal work and would have lasted for a definite period. Each mental health disorder has its own set of signs and symptoms that differ in severity, but some of the common signs of mental illness are Mood swings, difficulty to focus – make decisions, change in appetite, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, panicky, feeling guilty, sad for no apparent reason, and suicidal thoughts. It's important to note that the existence of one of these indications does not necessarily imply that someone is suffering from mental illness. But it does indicate that he or she may need a diagnosis or further evaluation. 

    How Do I Know If I Am A Bipolar?
    This is one of the most probed questions by many people who experience mood swings or moodiness. While you are trying to figure out whether you are bipolar or not, you should seek a consultation with a psychiatrist online who will help you to sort it out. The doctor will thoroughly assess your conditions and diagnose any symptoms of bipolar disorder. Once the complete assessment has been done, the doctor will share the suitable diagnosis with you. Remember, Bipolar disorder is not something that one can guess about; one would need professional advice. 
    What Are The Common Types Of Mental Disorders?

    Some of the most common types of mental disorders are depression, anxiety, addiction, personality disorders, and eating disorders. 

    How Long Is A Session With A Psychiatrist?
    One therapy session with a psychiatrist would typically last for around 50 to 60 minutes. 
    Do Psychiatrists Offer Virtual Sessions?

    Yes, psychiatrists do offer virtual sessions and it is also known as Telepsychiatry. 

    How Often Should I Consult A Psychiatrist?

    The frequency with which you see a psychiatrist, whether online or offline, is determined by a range of factors related to your mental health condition, including your diagnosis, treatment guidance, and a variety of other considerations.

    Are Online Consultants Allowed To Prescribe Medication For Mental Health?
    While consulting a psychiatrist online, the doctor is allowed to prescribe medication for mental health that depends on the patient’s mental health status. 
    What to expect when you are going to visit a psychiatrist?

    While you are visiting a psychiatrist for the first time or opting for a consultation online, the psychiatrist would first be all ears to you, will listen to your concerns, and be empathetic. The doctor will then ask you several questions related to your health, family history, relationships, work, and daily routine. The doctor would ask you to fill a basic questionnaire to know more about your health. A basic physical check-up may be carried out as well. After the psychiatrist has assessed you, diagnosed you, and determined the root cause of your illness, he will develop a treatment plan for you.

    How Do I Schedule An Appointment With A Psychiatrist On Mediflam?

    Scheduling an appointment with the best psychiatrist online on Mediflam is as easy as it could be. Click on the consult online / book your appointment tab on the home screen, search for psychiatrists, select your convenient date and time, scroll through the list of renowned psychiatrists, and schedule your appointment – at your convenience. 

    Brief about mental health.
    Mental health is an individual person’s behavioral, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. It is all about how people behave, think & feel. It is the level of psychosocial well-being and the balance between the emotional, physical and behavioral characteristics. The absence of mental disorder can also be sometimes referred to as “mental health”. The part of the central nervous system that controls some of the higher functions of human beings is called the limbic system. The higher functions that it controls include the emotions, basic survival and sociosexual behavioural patterns, motivation, learning and the thought process. 

    The concept of emotion includes the whole range of subjective emotional feelings and moods such as anger, fear and happiness along with the overt physical responses associated with these feelings. The behavioral patterns aimed at individual survival and those directed towards perpetuating species i.e. sociosexual behaviors that are conducive to mating are also controlled by the limbic system. Many chemicals known as neurotransmitters are involved in the functioning of the limbic system and any imbalance can cause mental illnesses. Physical health, relationships & daily living can be affected by disturbances in mental health. It can be many a time occasional or long-lasting; chronic. It can also affect a person’s ability to relate to others and function each day.

    There are a lot of causes for the mental illness. Lot of factors are responsible, some of which are as per below : such as 
    • A person’s genes and family history
    • Childhood abuse or stress
    • Chemical imbalances in the brain
    • Intense Brain injury 
    • Overuse of alcohol or drugs 
    • A mother's exposure to viruses or toxic chemicals while pregnant
    • Loneliness or isolation from social life
    • Cancer or any other serious medical situation

    For the overall wellbeing of an individual, sound mental and emotional health is critical. Many a times, people ignore the signs and warnings associated with the mental health problems and delay to get help of a Psychiatrist. If there is even a slightest need to seek the help of a Psychiatrist then a person should shed all fears and inhibitions and get in touch with the psychiatrist online. To overcome any kind of mental health problems or disorders, a person should try online consultation with Psychiatrist. 

    Depression is among the mental disorders that is most prevalent and neglected. It associated with defects in limbic system neurotransmitters. A functional deficiency of serotonin or norepinephrine or both is implicated in depression, a disorder characterized by a pervasive negative mood accompanied by a generalized loss of interests, an inability to experience pleasure, and suicidal tendencies. Serotonin and norepinephrine are synaptic (a synapse is the space between two neurons) messengers in the limbic regions of the brain involved in pleasure and motivation, suggesting that the pervasive sadness and lack of interest (no motivation) in depressed patients are related at least in part to disruption of these regions by deficiencies or decreased effectiveness of these neurotransmitters. 

    • Cover information about the Psychiatrist and their qualification. 
    Medical doctors expert in the mental health issues are called Psychiatrists. Their specialty is treating and diagnosing patients suffering with mental illness. Psychiatrists have an in depth knowledge of physical and mental health – and their effect on each other. You can choose to get your appointment for online consultation with psychiatrist and understand the required treatment for your mental health. 

    Psychiatrists help people with mental health illness such as addiction, eating disorder, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety. The branch of medicine which focuses on treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental, behavioral and emotional disorders is called Psychiatry.
    A medical doctor; an M.D or D.O, whose specialty is treating mental health disorders which may also include substance use disorders, is a Psychiatrist. 

    • When should one consult a Psychiatrist?
    Symptoms and signs of mental illness vary from person to person it also depends on the circumstances, disorder, and other factors.

    Common signs and symptoms include:

      • Feeling down or low
      • Extreme mood changes with lows and highs
      • Withdrawal from social life, friends and activities
      • Sleeping problems, tiredness, feeling low on energy all the time
      • Excessive hostile behavior, violence or anger
      • Detachment from reality, having delusions, hallucinations and  paranoia 
      • Unable to deal with stress or daily issues
      • Facing trouble to understand and relate to people and situations
      • Have confused thinking or face a reduced ability to concentrate
      • Problems with alcohol or drug use
      • Major changes in eating habits
      • Change in sex drive
      • Suicidal thinking
      • Excessive fears or worries
      • Extreme feelings of guilt

      Many a times the symptoms are physical, like, back pain, stomach pain, headaches, or may be other unexplained pains and aches.

      Mental illness is quite common. In around 1 out of 5 adult has some kind of mental illness somewhere in their lifetime. It can start at any age, May be in the childhood or middle age or in the later life. But in most cases it begins in the early stage of life. 

      • Can Psychiatrist help on get over depression and anxiety?
      Yes. Depression is a mood disorder that encompasses a lot of factors. A genetic component has also been proved to cause depression. The imbalance of the neurotransmitters like serotonin can cause a lot of symptoms of depression or anxiety and the psychiatrist doctor can diagnose the cause and treat the same by prescribing medications that keep the levels of these chemical substances balanced.

      • Do Psychiatrist counsel their patients?
      Counselling a patient is of utmost importance because this can lead to the diagnosis of the reasons that are causing the disease. Psychiatrists try to talk to the patient so that the patient opens up about the things that are bothering or worrisome to him/her. Also by counselling the patient, the psychiatrist makes sure that the correct diagnosis can be reaches as many symptoms are common to multiple mental disorders. Get your online consultation with psychiatrist booked with Mediflam. 

      • Why online consultation can help?
      With the advent of modern technology, it is very possible for the patient experiencing any symptoms of any mental disorder to at least get a probabilistic diagnosis by connecting with the leading psychiatrists on an online platform. Then the doctor can advise the patient for further process to confirm the diagnosis and get treated at the earliest. Also many patients are not comfortable opening up about the mental issues that they face because of the stigmas attached to it. In a virtual session, the patient can feel a lot more comfortable to discuss the problems that are bothering him/her and can get better counseled. Also the patient can connect to some of the best psychiatrist doctors available in the country so that he/she doesn’t have to be satisfied with the doctors available in his/her place.

      • Why instant help is required for anxiety?
      Anxiety is a natural response to stressful situations that a person is confronted with. But a lot of anxiety can itself become stressful and start hindering in day to day activities leading to low productivity and an enhanced mental stress. It is very important to get help immediately if anxiety becomes chronic and goes out of control.

      • What are symptoms of depression?
      There are many symptoms of depression which are highly subjective. Some of the symptoms are common and are usually seen in all the patients. These include:
      • Feeling down or low
      • Excessive fears or worries
      • Extreme feelings of guilt
      • Withdrawal from social life, friends and activities
      • Sleeping problems, tiredness, feeling low on energy all the time
      • Unable to deal with stress or daily issues
      • Have confused thinking or face a reduced ability to concentrate
      • Major changes in eating habits
      • Change in sex drive
      • Suicidal thinking

      Get your online consultation with psychiatrist booked with Mediflam and understand the treatment required for your mental health. 

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