Dr. Parth J. Rana

MS Ophthalmology, MBBS

Ophthalmologist , 9+ Years Experience

 India, Ahmedabad
 Hindi, English, Gujarati

About Me

Dr. Parth J. Rana is working as retina and ocular trauma surgeon at Netralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Parimal Garden, Ahmedabad. He has done his MBBS from Jaipur and MS Ophthalmology from Tamilnadu. He did his Fellowship in Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Vitreo-Retina surgeries and Ocular Trauma from Drashti Netralaya, Dahod. He has worked extensively for eye trauma cases in tribal population under the guidance of Dr. Mehul Shah. After which he was awarded as first Ocular Trauma Fellow of Ocular Trauma Society of India (OTSI).

Work & Experience

  • Netralaya
  • Leipzig University


  • Time men of the year 2019, India’s First Ocular Trauma Surgeon, First & the only 3D Surgeon in Gujarat.

Former Affiliations

  • Leipzig University Germany

Present Affiliations

  • Netralaya Ahmedabad
  • Netralaya Palanpur
  • Netralaya Surendranagar

Professional Experience

  • Expert in Pole to Pole surgeries
  • First & only 3D Surgeon in Gujarat.

Clinical Experience

  • Expert in all kind of 3D Eye Surgeries

Research Work & Publications

  • Patents No. : 290729 , 300264

Professional Membership

  • AIOS - All India Ophthalmological Society
  • AGOS - All Gujarat Ophthalmological Society
  • AOS - Ahmedabad Ophthalmological Society
  • VRSI -  Vitro-Retina Society of India
  • OTIS  - Ocular Trauma Society of India

National Clinical Trials

  • Ranibizumab Clinical Trials.


  • Ophthalmologist
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