Detoxification is the physiological and medicinal removal of unwanted materials from the human body which is mainly carried out by the liver. Today, life has become unbearably fast, that not affect the human being externally but also internally which makes victim to several innumerous lifestyle diseases. Several factors have become the main cause of toxicity in the body such as unhealthy diet and lifestyle, air pollutants, polluted water, smoke of cigarettes & tobacco, use of alcohol, beauty products, use of toxic material in food such as refined vegetable and seeds oil, etc. The presence of these toxic substances in the body can lead to several lifestyle diseases and health issues as the toxins damage the organ and weakens the immune system. It damages the enzymes of the body, inhibits the production of haemoglobin in the blood and affects the liver, digestive tract, kidney in many ways. 

Add on the facts, several factors such as seasonal imbalance, bad eating habits, gathered emotions, and hold on to natural compulsion further aggravates the situation. It is necessary to release the accumulated toxins from the body, and to protect from falling victim to various diseases. 

Ayurveda has been proved very beneficial to naturally cleanse the body, balance the doshas that are responsible for a healthy body, get rid of impurities, and to enhance the energy, restore the vitality, retrieve the youthfulness, and restore the balance of the body, mind and soul. The ayurvedic treatment modalities include various therapies & massages, yoga and meditation session, use of herbal oils, and diet modification to rejuvenate and relax and restore the balance of the body in a natural way. 

Naturopathy on other way helps to get rid of toxins and to revitalize and refresh the body and mind without any side effects. The treatment focuses to attain a complete rejuvenation and to find mental balance and peace. The treatment modalities include various therapies & massage, steam bath, diet modification and modification in lifestyle to get rid of all impurities and become healthy, and live a stress free life. 

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Frequently asked questions about Detoxification & Rejuvenation

What is detoxification?

It is a concept that helps to flush out the unwanted materials which affects the organs of the human body to work properly. 

What body systems are most important for detoxification?

Liver, gallbladder, colon, kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, and lungs are the main organs and systems that are most important for detoxification. 

What are some common obstacles to detoxification?

Lack of sleep, stress, lack of proper nutrients, poor digestion and absorption are some common obstacles to detoxification.

What type of foods and substances impair detoxification?

Alcohol, sugar, refined starches, caffeine, processed foods, medication, etc are some foods and substances that impair detoxification.

What absolutely an individual need to cut if he/she wants to serious about Detoxing?

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, processed foods, certain use of medication need to be cut as the intention of detox is to give the detox organs- the liver, lungs, gut and skin a chance to recover and catch up. 

Is detox/cleanse easy to do?

No, like other things, it requires commitment and focus. Detox programs have different level of intensity. The programs are designed carefully to give powerful results and to maximize the benefits of cleanse. 

Can an individual eat normal diet after detoxification?

Yes, as the potential benefits will be enhanced by following a fresh, seasonal, and organic based diet as much as possible. However, one should avoid eating junk food and meat.

What symptoms indicate that an individual need to detox?

If an individual is experiencing the following symptoms, then it indicates that he/she needs to detox. The symptoms are: Tiredness, lethargy, insomnia, irritability, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches, weight gain, depression, mood swings, anxiety, fungal infections, food cravings, eating disorders, etc. 

Will an individual experience any adverse reaction while doing detox?

Sometimes, when an individual try to get rid of toxins from the cells of the body, then too many toxins get released into the blood stream at once that may upset the body system little bit.  An individual may experience occasional headache, upset stomach, or feels emotional. 

Will an individual feel better just after doing detox program?

An individual will feel the difference between before and after the detox programme, however, one may actually start to feel a little worse before things improve. 

Should an individual follow a detox or cleanse programme if she is pregnant?

Before taking any detox or cleanse programme, it is recommended to consult with a qualified or trained Vaidya or expert and she needs to follow the advice of expert/Vaidya. 

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The primary goal of detox & rejuvenation program is to help people live a long, healthy, and balanced life. The treatment emphasizes on prevention and promotion of health through a comprehensive approach that addresses mind, body, behavior, and environment. The approach involves understanding the unique mind & body constitution and lifestyle choices that will best support the functioning of physiology and purify the body and keep impurities and toxins out from the body.

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